Szirena efunera Sonne

Oh, how I mourn for our love and longing, singing alone and facing the wind,
I can’t help but loathe the cruelty that separates me from
sinners and saints, I hold back the reigns and I cry out in pain,
In eulogy I sing for you.

Standing at my rock ashore abreast the wind, I pray;
In song I shriek so loud, the sailors plummet even miles away.

I haven’t the courage to beg Zeus’ mercy, I haven’t the time to whittle away
when my song is my sweetest poison and my dread has piled up in the tide today.

Pain’s the remedy to the injury when you cannot even feel,
All that one could help to find when separate from the mortal mind;
Why is it that loves like us are trapped within this dominion?
In solitude I cry for two.

Atop the highest peak of suffering, I howl to the moon;
To bear our agony to the wind, to pray the weather may change soon.

Your message undelivered, I fear your heart’s impending doom;
When your word is my faultless lifeline to heal my deepest wound.

I’ve scaled the craggy pinnacles to look upon the plain abroad
How did you ever see me first? This puzzle one day we will solve,
Lest I pain myself in lament that this browbeaten path is starved for blood;
I tie three knots to present my truth.

We still ascend another peak, from suffering’s descent;
Achieving all with this aim to release these venoms so potent.

Only in glimpses did we ever see, each other or the letters sent;
Courage is all we could craft from these signs to the eyes we’ve been lent.

You’ve sailed the shattered spectacles of the rippled glassy tides,
To learn the way of man you made no mistake to learn the way by heart,
As any creature taken aback you had to take in turn,
And my longings surge in tide soon.

The rough path deeply ingrained in our blood, the reward so great
To live on this strong, in translation we finally acquaint.

Sworn to go our separate ways until the fine day of future’s late
Promised in full to birthrights and sworn to secrecy in fate.

2005-02-16 00:41:00 @305LJ — Katrina Kidwell Johnson