Marionette Tree (Lyrics)

I’m not a prize to be aborted
Nor a sin to be awarded to anyone

If all our mindless twines inside
Might tangle lines of light
It’s not my job to get those knots undone

Do not bend or fold or they will break you
Perhaps they’ve gotten to you too,
I know now, I was too late
There isn’t any time left to investigate

So ditch plan B and draft your own resolve
It’s all up to you just what this could involve,
Cuz maybe when your peeps get called all units respond
but my heartstrings are bound as Samurai immortal bond
Living larger than a secret agents’ double life I was a fucking fool to use the word wife
But you know I carry the lock and you know I can turn that key
and you’re the only one I want by my side leaving carnage in a wake behind me.

— Katrina Johnson-Kidwell